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Croco Toyota, a subsidiary of Croco Motors, is the destination of choice in Zimbabwe for the supply of Toyota vehicles and genuine Toyota spares.  Croco Toyota also undertakes vehicle service for all Toyota vehicles.  Croco Toyota is a Toyota dealership that has rapidly expanded over the years.  Its business model revolves around the sale of Toyota vehicles as well as the provision of vehicle service and the supply of spare parts and accessories.

The acquisition of Kadoma Toyota to become Croco Toyota Kadoma and the acquisition of Harare Toyota to become Croco Toyota Harare in 2004 set the pace for rapid expansion.  Croco Toyota is strategically located in Harare where it operates Croco Toyota Harare in Workington, in Kadoma where Croco Toyota Kadoma is firmly established, in Chiredzi where South East Toyota is located and in Mutare where Croco Toyota Mutare is taking care of Manicaland’s Toyota needs.

Toyota is a vehicle brand made for Africa and known for its unrivalled toughness and untouched legacy. The Toyota brand is well known for delivering on its promise.  As a result, Croco Toyota ensures that the expectations of Toyota vehicle brand owners and aspirants are met without fail.


Croco Toyota dealerships supply Toyota vehicles across all segments from sedans, single cabs, double cabs, SUV’s, mini-buses and vans. The Toyota Hilux in the GD (Global diesel) engines which feature up to 40% more power and 50% more torque is available at Croco Toyota in both single cab and double cab versions.  These newly developed GD engines feature up to 14% improved fuel economy compared to the previous generation of engines.  Customers are also able to spec their vehicles in certain areas according to their tastes in areas like the types of seats required or the vehicle colour preferred and in many other areas.  This speaks volumes about Croco Toyota’s ability to keep pace with emerging trends and technological advancements.
Full after sales support on all Toyota vehicles is provided at Croco Toyota.  Croco Toyota dealerships observe stringent Toyota standards in all their operations.  Service of Toyota vehicles as well as repair of same is undertaken at Croco Toyota by technicians who are trained in-house as well as by Toyota Zimbabwe.  Croco Toyota workshops are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment which significantly improves service delivery and reduces the time it takes to complete jobs.  Although Toyota's are legendarily reliable, customers still need to maintain their Toyota vehicles in accordance with the Toyota recommended maintenance schedule.  Croco Toyota offers a competitive price menu for all Toyota vehicle models and for all types of customers.  Being part of the well-resourced Croco Motors Group ensures economies of scale which results in competitive pricing and service.

Toyota accessories such as bull bars, roll bars, side steps, tow bars, canopies and many others are all available at Croco Toyota in order to give customers alternative dimensions of improving the aesthetics of their vehicles.

Croco Toyota is offering all Toyota vehicle owners FREE vehicle checks and diagnosis this December to ensure safe and hassle free travel during the forthcoming holiday period.  Upon request a report is availed to each customer on the condition of their vehicle.  Croco Toyota will provide a quotation for the necessary repairs and will then be able to undertake the necessary work required subject to authorisation by the customer.

Going forward Croco Toyota promises its current and prospective customers that it will continue to place them at the heart of all its service delivery by continuing to delight them and doing the simple things right.  After all, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

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